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Kane chronicles sex fanfiction

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The Curse Reversed (Kane Chronicles: Book 4) | Carter-6

Heir trainees, and mentally exhausted from thinking about Anubis and his warm brown eyes that made her melt, his pale skin that was warm against hers. Meanwhile, Anubis sat on the steps of Osiris throne, his head buried in his hands, after a tiring day of weighing too much souls than what he had expected. His eyes eyed the Scales, remembering how Lady Kane had questioned him on why the

Percyk Jackson Meets the Kane Chronicles Truth or Dare

Featured Kane Chronicles Fanfiction. Add to library 855 Discussion 2k. Trials of Love and War. Completed 4 months ago Love and war . Action Romance Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase Grover Underwood Kane Chronicles Eva is mortal. Eva has had a terrible life but one thing was what kept her going. Her only friend Leo from the orphanage.

Kane Chronicles Fanfiction Stories - Quotev

kane chronicles sex fanfiction

AN: This fanfiction doesnt really tie in with the books main plot line, but I will try to stick to it as much as possible. Chapter 1 Well Im in one hell of a weird situation. Between an evil jar of peanut butter, a sex crazy cat goddess, and a couple demons, you get one hell of a Christmas.

Percy Jackson/ The Kane Chronicles Smut - Sanubis - Wattpad

Fanfiction Fantasy Kane Chronicles Ocs After young magicians Sadie and Carter Kane learned the path of the gods and defeated the god of chaos, Apophis. The Brooklyn house and the Kane siblings are faced with a new foe.

The Dream Date | The Kane Chronicles Fanfiction Wiki | Fandom

Chapter 4. UPDATE: I promise Ill post the next chapter latest by the coming Sunday. Its going to be about Sadie and Ruby. I started out to make a rape/mindbreak chapter, but it turned out more racially charged than anticipated as it went on, especially towards the end.

Kane-Chronicles Stories

the kane chronicles carter kane sadie kane zia rashid new challenge: stop sleeping on the kane chronicles they slap give em some love pls i know sadie has strait hair in the book but please humor me i wanted to give her curly hairπŸ˜” also love that sadie just ends up in a polyamorous relationship and shes like β€˜tight’ my art percy jackson

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kane chronicles sex fanfiction

Browse through and read kane chronicles fanfiction stories and books. Browse through and read kane chronicles fanfiction stories and books . Sign up Log in. There will be a little bit of supernatural and Kane Chronicles and Harry Potter. So pretty much a bunch of Fand Add to library 13 Discussion 13. Fire and Water (Creepypasta and Percy

LOVE or LUST Chapter 1, a kane chronicles fanfic | FanFiction

kane chronicles sex fanfiction

fanfiction +8 more #8. π˜π„π‹π‹πŽπ– | kane; chronicles +4 more #13. Demigods of SHIELD by blazethedarkangel. 702 30 10. After Percy and Annabeth find a young child of unknown origins, the gods and many others want to kill the young child when they discover the truth. Percy and Annabeth ar

Fan Fiction: The Kane Chronicles, Anubis - Wattpad

The Kane Chronicles - Rick Riordan (1) The Trials of Apollo - Rick Riordan (1) Include Characters Percy Jackson (9) Minotaur (Percy Jackson) (5) Charles Beckendorf (3) Oral Sex (4) Anal (4) Explicit Sexual Content (4) Other tags to include Exclude ? Exclude Ratings Explicit (10) Not Rated (1) …

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kane chronicles sex fanfiction

Fanpop original article: this is my version of the PJ and KC gangs ideas on how it should be played. You should probably read my first fan fiction on the group. You …

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sanubis anubis sadiekane kanechronicles carterkane rickriordan thekanechronicles sadie zarter kane frazel solangelo percabeth pjo fanfiction. 36 Stories. Sort by: Hot. Hot New #1. Ask Anubis by God of Toilet Paper. 4.6K 129 15. "When Percy Jackson Meets Kane Chronicles" Its been a year since the battle with Gaea and the war with Apophis

Kane Chronicles Stories

kane chronicles sex fanfiction

Best fucking sex of all time, I had a cock in every hole and pirate cum all over me. They were actually gonna let me go but I volunteered to be their sex slave for a couple of years first and I fucking loved it" "Damn Reyna", Percy said "Those are some lucky pirates we set free" "Fuck yeah they are", Reyna retorted "Well anyway, Jason truth or

The Kane Chronicles- One-shots - Christmas ..sort of

Fan Fiction: The Kane Chronicles, Anubis Fanfiction. This is a fan fiction I made about Anubis, Anput, and Sadie. Hope you like it. Fan Fiction: The Kane Chronicles, Anubis 2.9K 5 6. ni thegirlfromthere13. ni thegirlfromthere13 Follow. Ibahagi. Share via Email Report Story Ipadala. Send to Friend. Ibahagi.